Grow Healthy

Trimless letters with brushed, stainless steel returns. Grow Healthy is a company located throughout the Florida state that produces premium-quality cannabis products. We were contacted by Tyson Signs Company, one of our longtime customers, to participate in this great project, a complete re-branding of the storefront signs. This would be the first time we would […]


Allows customers to see Chicago’s skyscrapers from a new perspective. Offshore is a rooftop restaurant located at the Navy Pier in Chicago, IL. It is the nation’s largest rooftop venue providing 36,000 SQ for all seasons, all weathers. This place allows customers to see Chicago’s skyscrapers from a new perspective. In order to provide this […]


A massive application that inspires and impacts the brand On this occasion, we want to talk about the first time we participated in a mobile sign. Lyft is taking as part of their marketing strategy the mobile signage angle, in which they use LED signs and billboards that travel around cities and participate in public […]

Simmons Bank

A bit of fun to the city’s nighttime skyline Simmons Bank is a building that illuminates the beautiful skyline of downtown Little Rock, AR. From inception, this structure was a dream for Everylite since all the features of the construction fell perfectly well for the installation of our amazing products. The first time we looked […]


First sign made of this scale for Norfolk skyline Waterside District is a place known for many restaurants and activities offered. It is in the central business district and right by the waterfront area. This fun and active place is decorated by 15 ft tall letters that read WATERSIDE, and since they were installed, they […]

Ingram Park

The application requested to have more than 1,000 pixel lights Ingram Park is part of a national mall chain that wants to proved high-end, attractive, and elegant sights to decorate the entrance of their malls. Integrity Manufacturing, from San Antonio TX, chose us to provide illumination to this monument sign, turning it from a non-illuminated […]


EverNeon was the answer to this request MTA is a company that provides technology-driven communication products to the Alaskans since 1953. Their Headquarters are located in Palmer, AK, and it is surrounded by the beautiful and irreplaceable mountain landscape. Design Graphics LLC was the customer that gave us the chance to work in this fascinating […]