Grow Healthy

Trimless letters with brushed, stainless steel returns.

Grow Healthy is a company located throughout the Florida state that produces premium-quality cannabis products. We were contacted by Tyson Signs Company, one of our longtime customers, to participate in this great project, a complete re-branding of the storefront signs.

This would be the first time we would work on a project with our letter products. We are committed to providing not only the best quality products but the best customer service. We walked the entire path with the customer, from inception to installation.

Chromatyc series, from the Alpha Letter brand, was the solution for this project. This series offers a wide variety of stainless steel options, and different thicknesses of acrylic for the top or bottom return illuminated versions. Grow Healthy letters are trimless, with brushed stainless steel returns and milky white acrylic.

The final product was their entire logo, including the letters and shapes. Our biggest challenge was to create the edge of the logo’s top circle since it comes together creating a pointy end, and it took precision and meticulous work in order to accomplish that section.

This would be the first time we would work on a project with our letter products.

Since we were able to provide the products for multiple locations, the most amazing factor for us is that after the letter sets were finished it was difficult to tell them apart. The quality control was so rigorous that the sets looked almost exactly the same.

We are absolutely proud to have our first application of this product installed in a native Florida company. Being detailed oriented and passionate was key to making the impossible possible.

It took precision and meticulous work to create the logo shape.

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