EZBeam Series

This product taught us how important it is to listen to our customers.

Cabinet lighting is a big part of the commercial LED use, and many companies have tried to develop new products that can ease installation, improve performance, and provide a beautifully illuminated cabinet, but nobody could accomplish all of those features together… until now.

In 2016 we went on a rampage to determine which was going to be the new solution we would bring to the market. We put all of our efforts and resources into market research, in which we decided to answer the following questions, what are our customers using to light cabinets? Were they happy with the current solutions? How could we make them better? And the answers we got changed everything.

After countless hours of visiting our customers, looking at competitors being installed, and getting their input on the products, we took that information and went into brainstorming sessions that ended with a couple of sketches and a very clear idea, we could offer a better solution.

A product that was born from hearing our customers’ needs.

Fast-forward a couple of months and we had our first prototype. A product with an amazing 175 degree beam angle, a very sturdy and elegant design for the PCB board cover, and a product that could be placed up to 24” apart without compromising brightness.

We had developed a product that can be placed anywhere from 10” deep to 36”. We have our in-house testing that shows three different options on how the product should be placed to get different lux levels.

When compared to a regular 3 diode module the product quantity is significantly less, the wiring is less, but the most important difference is the decrease in labor cost. This product is so easy to install that it could save up to 75% in labor costs.

However, we did not stop there. We wanted customers to feel that they could get anything they wanted out of this product. This is why we developed a single-sided module for single-sided cabinets, a double-sided module that our customers could install in their own bars, but in case they would prefer not to, we also provide the double-sided module mounted on an aluminum bar in 4 different lengths, from 2 ft to 5 ft. We also provide a middle connector that can be used to connect any size bars to achieve any desired length. Finally, we have a socket that can be installed on one side of the aluminum bar so the product can be used in retrofitting environments.

This is the story of our EZBeam modules. A product that was born from hearing our customers’ needs, working very hard, thinking outside the box, and understanding that there is always a way to make things better.