Over a decade ago, fluorescent tubes were the primary source of illumination for sign boxes. Most of those involved in the sign-making industry utilized fluorescent lamps, although there were a few unique ones, such as HID lamps with baffles.

The majority of those working in the sign industry agreed that the procedure and requirements were clear. Two rows of lamps were only used when the cabinet was extremely deep; otherwise, one row of fluorescent tubes was positioned in the middle of a double-faced sign on one-foot centers.

The Downfall of Fluorescent Lighting in Sign Boxes

However, using fluorescent lights in sign boxes was not without its limitations and problems. This includes the following disadvantages:

  1. Fluorescent lamps contain toxic materials
  2. Frequent switching results in early failure
  3. Lack of control since light from fluorescent lamps is omnidirectional
  4. Fluorescent lights emit ultraviolet light
  5. Older fluorescents suffer a brief warm-up period
  6. Magnetic ballasts
  7. Difficult installation and maintenance

Innovating the Sign Box Lighting System

As a leader in innovation and groundbreaking technology in the sign-making industry, Everylite has created a solution to use a more eco-friendly solution that is not only more energy efficient but is the most cost-effective and time-efficient solution for sign makers.

We curated all of the problems and created the perfect system which provides better illumination, longer-lasting lights, and the easiest of installations. Everylite developed the FLASH Sign Box Lighting System to be the “light” when options are dark in sign box installations.

By using LED modules instead of fluorescent lights the quality of illumination is brought up by ten folds. It also provides a much longer-lasting light source and also the ability to control the light intensity based on what type of module you utilize.

Set a Sign Box Faster than the Speed of Ligh

Using our patented technology you can set a sign box in a matter of minutes. The unique Everylite clips and bars can be laid in your sign-box fast and efficiently no matter what size it is. It will reduce your installation time by more than half.

Through this, the sign makers can easily spend lesser time with the installation and more time in other segments of their business.

Through the FLASH system, all you would need to do is make an order, select which module would be best for your project or if you are not sure our experts are always ready to lend a hand in providing you professional advice about making the best decision.

A Mountain of Modules

FLASH isn’t just a single product, it’s an entire system that was specifically created to make cabinet lighting installation faster and easier than ever before in the history of the sign industry. Not only that, but FLASH also provides the best quality of illumination through our premium and industrial LED modules.

It isn’t only for new cabinet builds. It can also be used efficiently for retrofitting. You can also pick between RGBW, RGB, or just pure white. You literally get a mountain of modules to choose from in order to match your project’s inception and help manifest it into reality.

Technically, you can use any 12V or 24V LED module with FLASH. However, to make things easier and more convenient here is a list of products that can be with this groundbreaking tech.

  • Nebula
  • Rainbow2
  • Spectrum
  • OpticMax Series
  • Panoramic Series

Setting up FLASH is as easy as it gets. Pick a module, purchase the patented clips and bars, easily lay them upon your cabinet, and poof. You are ready to go! Everything is done in a FLASH!

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