Allows customers to see Chicago’s skyscrapers from a new perspective.

Offshore is a rooftop restaurant located at the Navy Pier in Chicago, IL. It is the nation’s largest rooftop venue providing 36,000 SQ for all seasons, all weathers. This place allows customers to see Chicago’s skyscrapers from a new perspective. In order to provide this site with an amazing sign, we worked with Envirographics LLC, a long-time customer that is known for having amazing and specific designs for the products they provide. For this application, we introduced our Chromatyc Series from our Alpha Letter brand. Beautiful channel letters that make the best first impression. The acrylic in the face and/or bottom of the letter is completely versatile, offering many thickness levels and color options.

The returns can be in a traditional stainless steel finish, but they can also be painted or texturized. This product was the perfect fit for our customer’s request. The original request included having the face and bottom return illuminated letters for the “OFFSHORE” word with ½” acrylic thickness and polished returns; a bottom return illuminated pier with ½” acrylic thickness and polished returns, and face and bottom return illuminated waves with blue vinyl for the face and blue painted returns. Utilizing a combination of our Chromatyc Face and Bottom Return Series, we were convinced that we could translate that wonderful design into a final product. There were two main features of this application. The first was that the waves needed to have the effect of water flowing through them. We provided a face lit product combined with DMX strip lights and our best seller EU DMX Controller in order to provide the desired waves effect.

The second feature was that the waves we recreated in two separate pieces would come together in the corner of a wall. It took millimetric precision in the manufacturing process to make sure that once the product was installed the acrylic would come together smoothly and the effect of the waves could transition effortlessly from one wall to the other. We were honored to be picked for this project and to provide our customers with the look, finish, and service they were requesting for this application. We love challenges. It reassures us we are an LED company that offers more than technology to this world.

Our Chromatyc Series is the perfect fit for our customer’s requests.


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