First sign made of this scale for Norfolk skyline

Waterside District is a place known for many restaurants and activities offered. It is in the central business district and right by the waterfront area. This fun and active place is decorated by 15 ft tall letters that read WATERSIDE, and since they were installed, they have become iconic to the city skyline. We worked with Architectural Graphics Inc for this project, in which we were able to provide the product and service required to make this idea a reality. There were many proposals for this application, in which we discussed two possibilities. Originally the application was meant to be illuminated in red, but the final decision was made on this product to illuminate in white, very bright, and for it to be seen from as far as possible.

The product that is installed is our Elite, part of our EverNeon series. This is our LED replacement of traditional neon, with higher efficiency and durability. This product is meant to be installed in architectural features, such as border lighting or channel letters. Because of its brightness, it makes everything stand out. To illuminate the Waterside letters, we provided over 1,000 ft of the product with mounting tracks and clips that make sure the product stays in place. Our power supplies are also part of this project. It is an honor for us to be part of this amazing dining and entertainment district in Norfolk, Virginia.

The product that is installed is our Elite, part of the EverNeon series. This is an LED replacement for traditional neon, with higher efficiency and durability.

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