Simmons Bank


A bit of fun to the city’s nighttime skyline

Simmons Bank is a building that illuminates the beautiful skyline of downtown Little Rock, AR. From inception, this structure was a dream for Everylite since all the features of the construction fell perfectly well for the installation of our amazing products. The first time we looked at the building we realized that the sky was the limit in terms of potential. Chandler Signs was our partner in this journey. They wanted to provide top-of-the-line products with a dazzling performance. A combination of individually controlled sections for border lighting and colors to wash the floors of the building was the go-to plan. To determine what was the best solution, our team traveled to the job site multiple times to conduct an evaluation and perform demos for some of the products we could offer. From our perspective, we wanted to make sure that the installation process was painless, and also to consider all the necessary steps that needed to take place to provide a powerful solution that was beyond expectations.

RGB technology was the requirement for the initial proposal. For border lighting, each section would be separated by a decoder to individually control color segments. To wash the floors of the building we provided demos of our color-changing wall washers. After a little back and forth we realized that the best solution for this application was to migrate to DMX technology. For border lighting, we offered our EverNeon best seller, Elite DMX. This product was going to ease the installation process and provide the desired effect for the customer.

For washing the floors we offered our Linear Wall Washers, a slim and elegant solution to provide the desired color changing effect. For control systems, we found the solution that allowed the customer to control the entire building from the same place. One place to go, one place to change everything

Our biggest challenge was to plan the best approach for our product to be installed. We provided more than 3000 feet of EverNeon and ended up deciding that customizing the product was the way to go. Every product from Everylite was tailored to fit and operate in this building, making it pre-wired and waterproof. We cut down installation time by more than 50% and decreased the risk of any wiring situations. We loved the experience to work on such a high-scale application. This is why we make the impossible happen, and work every day to make sure we can provide a better solution for every situation.

The lights can be individually controlled every five inches, which helps create color-changing effects.


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