Spectrum Series

3 generations that keep this country a more colorful place. It is said that good solutions are born from a real problem, usually faced by many, and they turn the problem into an opportunity. RGB has existed in the LED technology for more than a decade and has evolved from the simplest of the technologies […]

Grow Healthy

Trimless letters with brushed, stainless steel returns. Grow Healthy is a company located throughout the Florida state that produces premium-quality cannabis products. We were contacted by Tyson Signs Company, one of our longtime customers, to participate in this great project, a complete re-branding of the storefront signs. This would be the first time we would […]


Allows customers to see Chicago’s skyscrapers from a new perspective. Offshore is a rooftop restaurant located at the Navy Pier in Chicago, IL. It is the nation’s largest rooftop venue providing 36,000 SQ for all seasons, all weathers. This place allows customers to see Chicago’s skyscrapers from a new perspective. In order to provide this […]

Panoramic Series

It all started with an idea Since the beginning of this company, we wanted to conquer the world, and this is one of the stories of how we started. Going back 5 years ago, the LED module industry was quite different from what we know it today. The leading brands had products that could perform […]