Panoramic Series


It all started with an idea

Since the beginning of this company, we wanted to conquer the world, and this is one of the stories of how we started.

Going back 5 years ago, the LED module industry was quite different from what we know it today. The leading brands had products that could perform their task, but we wanted to have something different, something that could outperform every competitor, and we identified a way to do so.

The best brands could offer a 5” spacing between modules, at the most, when installing any 3 – diode module and this was because of the lens technology that was offered. Also, there was a higher rate of wattage drop with fewer modules based on the components that were used to manufacture the module itself.

Identifying the need for a product that could have a wider beam angle, and better wattage drop, we started to work on this idea that would shape the company as we know it today.

After testing many lenses and fine-tuning the product, Panoramic Series was launched. This was the first module in the market to have a 160° beam angle and could be able to be placed at 8” spacing instead of 5”. The lens for this product was amazing, we were convinced of it, but to show our customers we had to compare them side by side with our competitors, and that was the moment we decided to create a sample case, portable, that our Account Managers could take to every customer visit.

When manufacturing the product, the lens was already taken care of, so we made sure that our modules could be better when compared in the wattage drop category. We found a double-sided PCB board that had a conductor on the cable to conduct power for the best wattage drop.

Finally, we turned to the installation method. We implemented the perforated 3M double-sided tape in the back of the module, for quick-release and extension between modules, but properly organized when packaged.

Looking back on the process, we are proud of this product. Without it, we would not be in so many places, like The Transformers Attraction. Having such a reliable product, that is still part of our best sellers today, can only be achieved through extensive R&D, hard work, determination, and passion.


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