Spectrum Series


3 generations that keep this country a more colorful place.

It is said that good solutions are born from a real problem, usually faced by many, and they turn the problem into an opportunity. RGB has existed in the LED technology for more than a decade and has evolved from the simplest of the technologies to the most complex ones, but it was time for a change.

In the lighting industry, we are used to seeing many different options, many different colors, and many different technologies… but none of them are like our Spectrum LED Modules.

Everylite identified that the current RGB products did not provide the most vivid colors, that they required many components for the wiring process, and that the RF control systems were not able to handle big-scale applications. With all of this information, our R&D team set up the task of creating a product that could be individually controllable, RGB and RGBW, reduce the number of cables for installation, achieve a more-stable control system, and basically dive deep into the DMX technology. That is how our Spectrum Series was born.

The first generation tackled the DMX technology, RGB and RGBW situation, provided very vivid and bright colors, and it allowed the modules to be individually controlled with a dome-looking cover.

For our second generation,we decided to make the look a little edgier, and we changed into a watch-looking cover. The module was slimmer, and the performance of the product was absolutely impressive. With this generation, we populated Ingram Park Mall, our first big-scale monument sign, and Anthem House, an apartment building in Baltimore Harbor that has the most amazing twinkle effect.

However, we did not stop there. By being able to use this product in many applications we heard our customer’s feedback, and most of the time it was related to confusing wiring, the size of the module.

With all this information the third-generation was born, and this time we were all in. For us it was more than one product, it was different module sizes, IP68 rating, plenty of accessories, and better-looking design. We wanted to provide the customer with a completely different experience in the DMX technology.

This product allows us to draw what our customers dream about, create endless effects, and make our country a more colorful place.


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