Wall Washer


These have been the most amazing projects we have been involved in for our Wall Washer product category. The complexity of each one of them, the required teamwork to achieve it, and the satisfaction of knowing that we did it was absolutely priceless. There was a wide variety of options for these applications. RGB, DMX, White, the height it needed to reach, the control system that they required, and the testing to make sure that it worked properly. Nevertheless, working as a team with our customers was the only way to know what

our customer’s need, and how we could make it happen.

We offer White, RGB, or RGBW, and they are DMX512 control technology compatible. One of the most important features of our products is that they are built-in with high-strength die-cast aluminum construction. This allows the product to be waterproof rated and born to last.

We love this product category because it lights up the skyline of any city they are displayed, and it helps us make our country a more colorful and bright place.


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