LED Technology that shapes your imagination

Provide vibrance and color to any architecture and make your projects stand out. EverNeon redefines traditional neon into effectiveness, colors, and design.

RGB Everneon

RGB EverNeon decorates the architectural features of the James Center building in Richmond, VA. This product can successfully achieve multiple color-changing effects.


The Marquis Residence has become an iconic building for Miami, FL. DMX technology enables this application to have color scrolling and color chasing effects.

Different Options

Different options for different needs!
We have three awesome products from this brand to choose from.


A best-selling product and for good reason! The versatile and flexible features make this any designer’s favorite choice. Elite offers a variety of options for single color applications, RGB, RGBW, or DMX versions that can be customized.

Freedom Series

Just like its name, Freedom creates amazing new possibilities! Due to its square shape and versatility in offering more than one bending option, you can interchange them in the same application to achieve different possibilities in corners or shapes. This product can perform exceptionally in architectural applications such as border lighting, or advanced bending shapes including vertical and horizontal. It also provides a seamless look.

Crystal Series

Crystal is the most distinctive product in our EverNeon series. Covered with transparent PVC, Crystal allows designers to go one step further and illuminate architectural features, accents, and much more. Available in vibrant colors, we provide you options for single color and RGB that successfully achieves almost any color with amazing color consistency and DMX technology for effects such as color chasing.

Series Elite Freedom Series Crystal
1.14" (29mm)
0.67" (17mm)
0.24" (6mm)
Base Width
0.45" (11.5mm)
0.63" (16mm)
0.61" (15mm)
Top Width
0.63" (16mm)
0.63" (16mm)
0.61" (15mm)
Minimum Bend Diameter
Cut Section Length
3.28" ~ 4.92" *
2.19" ~ 3.28" *
3.28" ~ 4.92" *
LED Spacing
0.55" ~ 0.7" *
LED Brand
LED Color
Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Amber, White
Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Amber, White
Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White
White Color Temperature
2700K ~ 6500K
2700K ~ 6500K
2700K ~ 5700K
Color Changing Option
DMX Option
Colored Housing Available
Power Consumption
2.5 ~ 4.6W/ft *
Maximum Length (single feed)
15' ~ 49' *
30' ~ 49' *
30' ~ 49' *
Maximum Length (double feed)
30' ~ 98' *
60' ~ 98' *
60' ~ 98'
IP68 Rating

Product Attributes

See what makes this amazing product stand out from the rest by its awesome features!

Everneon With

Bending Available

Everneon With

Bending Available

Variety of Beam Angles for different installations

High flexibility and easy to install, it can be easily bent to various shapes and angles depending on the client’s needs

Different LED Lighting positions based on shapes

Numerous possibilities for lighting positions depending on shapes

Different shapes for multiple applications

The flexibility to bend into any shape or angle, and can be customized to fit any application!

3.28″ Cutting Section for some color options

3.94″ Cutting Section for some color options

4.92″ Cutting Section for some color options


Single color options for color consistency when turned off


RGB technology available for color combinations


RGBW technology to achieve multiple colors and a true white color temperature


DMX technology for multiple effects with color combinations


Waterproof ring to prevent any water damage


Layout services to provide product accuracy


Onsite consultations to supervise installation


Onsite or over the phone troubleshooting

Single Injection Mold


End Cap



Double Injection Mold


End Cap



Color Housing Options

Color housing available for Elite Series


Cable length customization


Jumper connector available

We have another solution for
your Neon Looking Applications

Looking for distinct dimensional letters or signages for your business that stand the test of time? Trust the Alpha Letter series to deliver!


Alpha Letter is our product range for manufactured logos, letters, LED-powered neon signages, and numerous other signages with a premium level of craftsmanship and detail. Whether used for interior or exterior purposes, you will surely love our letters’ durability and guaranteed finishes that won’t chip, crack, fade or discolor! From acrylic to metal trims, you’ll find exactly the right style to fit your brand, budget, and purpose!


The Elite Series beautifully lights up the outline of the MTA building with its flexible and color-changing
DMX technology.
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The Falls at Roland Park Apartments

The Falls at Roland Park Apartment features a luxurious waterfall-looking effect that continues to dazzle onlookers and guests. For this application, we used our best-selling Freedom series.
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Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams at Fenway Park features a vibrant, eye-popping, and luminous effect achieved using the
Elite series.
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Marquis Residences

Beautifully sophisticated, and luminous, our Elite Series lights up the Marquis Residence in Miami and the result is stunning and extraordinary.
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The World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s

The playful and colorful neon lights in the World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s create a vibrant and fun effect, attracting passersby and guests alike.
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Anthem House

Anthem House features the brightest and bolder letters in Baltimore, MD! Using the Elite Series, a captivating and stunning result desired by the client was successfully achieved.
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Controller Options

Multiple controller options for you to choose from where you can conveniently control your lighting applications and freely change color effects wirelessly.


Changing the entire application simultaneously from one color to another.


Changing each individual cutting section to any desired color to achieve effects such as color scrolling, chasing, twinkling and more! 


Pair your EverNeon product with these accessories to help mount and secure them to place during installation.

2" Locking U Channel

2" U Channel

40" U Channel

40" Locking U Channel

Datasheets & Installation Guides

Pair your EverNeon product with these accessories to help mount and secure them to place during installation.




UL Certification