EVE Series


Our first Power Supply Brand

This is the story of our first Power Supply brand. A line of products that were built to be strong, withstand severe weather conditions and be loyal to all of those who use them.

Named after the company, EVE power supplies were offered initially in 60W and 100W. Throughout the years we have added additional wattages and different voltage options. Being in the technology industry, it is a must for us to always stay ahead of the trend and innovate our products.

A couple of years ago we launched the 150W option, and it was a hit. The perfect solution for small or large scale applications. Since we started offering the product it became the best and most reliable option our customers use. However, this version of the product was non-Class 2, which made it extremely easy for wiring purposes, but not fully UL compliant.

Throughout the years we have added additional wattages and different voltage options.

This year we decided to overcome that hurdle and launch our 150W version Class 2. This product offers the same features as our previous version but has 2 additional outputs for a total of 3 outputs with 4.16 Amps each.

Also, we launched our highest wattage product, a 240W power supply available in 12V. This product is recommended for high scale applications, it is rated IP68 for outdoor use and has 5 Amps per output. With this option added to the series, all the wattages are available in Class 2.

The main features this brand offers are PFC function, surge, over-voltage, over current, over temperature and short circuit protection. And the highest waterproof grade of IP68, that allows it to work under a wide range of environmental conditions.

What motivated us to launch this new version was listening to our customers, understanding their needs and being always open in providing new solutions. This brand has accompanied us from day one, and we are proud of having it power some of the most amazing applications we have been involved with.


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