A brand-new galaxy of infinite possibilities

With Nebula + DMX, possibilities for your lighting solutions are endless.

This innovative and new technology efficiently allows for the freedom and the flexibility to bring your most creative and colorful imaginations to life, Utilizing the revolutionary and ultra-modern DMX technology, various dynamic, playful, and extraordinary color-changing effects and more can easily be done with just a click of a button.


The new Nebula + DMX offers versatility and flexibility in terms of application and desired outcome. Through DMX technology, each module is now remotely and individually controlled, allowing you the creativity and freedom to successfully achieve numerous colorful plays of lighting effects such as chasing, flashing, rippling, and many more – the possibilities are truly infinite!

RGB + W Finally with a Lens

Long-anticipated, The Nebula + DMX is the first product in the LED industry wherein the combination of the RBG and white chips possess a lens. We have discovered a way to successfully disperse light with the all-new chip configuration. Combining all the best elements in the market today, the Nebula + DMX features an incredible 180-degree beam angle for even light dispersion and is protected with a bezel-free lens. Its circuit board also combines two different sets of diodes.

Nightmare-free System

The Nebula + DMX is a powerful lighting solution that conveniently allows you to save time and money, and minimizes labor. The Nebula modules integrated DMX decoders eliminate the need for external DMX Decoders. Through this groundbreaking new technology, you can easily control the entire lighting application with the tap of a finger.

Most innovative and proprietary technology

The Nebula + DMX is patented due to its innovative approach to combining different technologies and offering extraordinary results. Everylite strives to continuously grow in, and innovate the LED industry. We listen to what you want, and we find ways to make them happen.

Here are extraordinary features that make the Nebula + DMX the lighting solution of a lifetime! By utilizing new technology and incorporating the best in the market, this product will surely exceed your expectations and make your life easier.

IP Certification

This product is IP68 CERTIFIED – reliable and wonderfully engineered to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. Perfect for any and all outdoor applications.

Color Temperature

The Nebula offers true white, ensuring authentic looking color on all your
lighting projects.

DMX Technology

Nebula utilizes the amazing DMX Technology. Each LED module is now individually controlled, allowing the flexibility for the most playful and colorful lighting effects.

A Demo Kit made just for you

Contact us if you are interested in receiving this absolutely outstanding NIGHTMARE-FREE kit to demo the capabilities of this product. A great resource to have your customers see live the effects and desired colors for their next project.