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What is Color Plus?

Color Plus was created to bridge the gap between your next RGB project and reality. We bring to you the full scope by providing in house services and centralizing all the product purchases. From product recommendation, layouts, wiring diagrams, and visualization of effects, through product installation, programming, and all the information you need to know about your new control system.

We specialize in RGB applications

This program specializes in RGB applications. We integrate all our LED products that use PWM or DMX512 technology and the best control solution for the effects you want to accomplish. Our focus is to provide you the highest quality product and service, which is why we have partnered with companies that allow us to distribute their products and sustain an excellent reputation in the industry.

One Stop Shop

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We understand the importance of these projects. Dealing with multiple vendors for multiple parts of the process cannot provide a smooth outcome. We accept the challenge of becoming experts so you do not have to be one, and you can rely on us for the complexity that involves creating what your designers imagined.

We Are Experts In The RGB Lighting Control Field

Our team offers extensive knowledge and capabilities for any type of LED lighting. They are talented in their areas and have vast experience working with all the products we offer. They walk with you every step of the way.

We are always one phone call away, and you can rely on us as part of our service.

Also, we can train YOU to operate the user-interface for every control system we offer.

Here is the breakdown of the process