OpticMax 2D Series

Featuring elegant proportions and slender curves, the OpticMax 2D is truly a graceful lighting solution with advanced technology. The OpticMax 2D offers 0.5W per module and is available in different white color temperatures. This product is the perfect solution for 24V daily applications.

Product Application

Channel Letters – Light up any shallow channel letters using the OpticMax 2D.

Box Signs – You can have 1 run up to 100 modules in a single 60W Power Supply! The OpticMax 2D is a powerful and reliable solution for Box Signs. With this product, you will need fewer power supplies per sign, and fewer modules to fully and evenly brighten up a sign.

Pylons – Same as with Box Signs, it saves you product cost during the installation process. The OpticMax 2D is a reliable solution for Pylon applications.


Find out what makes the OpticMax2D an amazing lighting solution

An incredible 180-degree optical lens that provides maximum, even light output

Fewer modules per sign mean less wiring

Reliable – IP68 rated

Pre-installed double-sided tape for a quick layout and screw holes in all modules for easy permanent installation

It is the 24V 2 Diode High-Efficiency everyday solution

UV resistant with fully integrated molding

0.5W per module available in different white-colored temperatures


See what makes the OpticMax 2D an amazing addition to your architectural projects

UL Certification


Color Options


See these amazing projects using the OpticMax 2D product!
Project Orlando Airport
Heineken-1-318x318-2-1 (1)

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