Panoramic 2D 24v

Add the extra to your ordinary with the Panoramic 2D 24V! Reliable, powerful, and cost-effective, Panoramic 2D 24V is a powerful force housed in a minimalistic design. 0.5 W per module, 1.5 module per foot, this product is an affordable solution for those seeking an everyday 24V LED module.


With an integrated advanced lens technology and an improved 170° angle beam design, the Panoramic 2D 24V delivers enhanced and outstanding lumen output perfect for any standard signage application

The only 24V version for our Panoramic Series

50,000 hours of expected lifetime

Packaged 100 modules per bag

The 2 Diode High-Efficiency everyday solution
UL , CE and RoHS approvals
24V system

170° beam angle for better light dispersion

IP66 rated for outdoor applications