OpticMax Mini Series

The OpticMax Mini is the tiniest product out of the series and possesses a minimalistic design that provides consistent illumination.

Don’t let its small size fool you! The OpticMax Mini is plenty reliable with an incredible IP66 rating, perfect for outdoor use. It also features an innovative 145-degree beam angle design which provides a maximum, even light output across the sign face.

Product Application

The OpticMax Mini is the perfect solution for small stroke or thin spaces applications, whether it is for channel lettersor sign boxes


Find out what makes the OpticMax Mini an amazing lighting solution:

The smallest LED in the OpticMax series that can be installed in narrow applications

Pre-installed double-sided tape for a quick layout and screw holes in all modules for easy permanent installation

Innovative 145-degree beam angle design provides maximum, even light output across the sign face

IP66 rated and UV resistant with fully integrated molding


See what makes the OpticMax Mini an amazing addition to your architectural projects

UL Certification


Color Options


See these amazing projects using the OpticMax Mini product!

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