OpticMax 4D

Built with only the highest quality materials, the OpticMax 4D utilizes high-performance LEDs that provide illumination so superior and intense, they can be spaced farther than the standard 12” without restricting lumen output (saving you product and time!), making it an unparalleled cost-effective brand.

The OpticMax 4D is also further enhanced by its advanced color-matching technology.

With an outstanding protection rating of IP68, OpticMax 4D is powerful, reliable, and engineered to withstand the harshest conditions.


Channel Letters – Light up any shallow or deep channel letters using the OpticMax 4D

Box Signs – The OpticMax 4D is a powerful and reliable solution for Box Signs. With this product, you will only need fewer power supplies per sign, and fewer modules to fully and evenly brighten up a sign.You can go 5” by 5” run gap in a 2” cabinet.

Pylons – The OpticMax 4D is a superior and reliable solution for Pylon applications, most especially when combined with the Flash System.


Find out what makes the OpticMax 4D an amazing lighting solution:
  • Available in High Output or High Efficiency in 1.2W or 0.62W per module respectively
  • Less is more with this product – recommended for depths of 4” to 8” applications
  • UV resistant with fully integrated molding
  • 24v system
  • The High-Efficiency version also offers different White Kelvin color temperature options
  • An incredible 180-degree optical lens provides maximum, even light output
  • Fully potted IP68 rated


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UL Certification




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