MTA EverNeon was the answer to this request MTA is a company that provides technology-driven communication products to the Alaskans since 1953. Their Headquarters are located in Palmer, AK, and it is surrounded by the beautiful and irreplaceable mountain landscape. Design Graphics LLC was the customer that gave us the chance to work in this… Continue reading MTA

Ingram Park

Ingram Park The application requested to have more than 1,000 pixel lights Ingram Park is part of a national mall chain that wants to proved high-end, attractive, and elegant sights to decorate the entrance of their malls. Integrity Manufacturing, from San Antonio TX, chose us to provide illumination to this monument sign, turning it from… Continue reading Ingram Park

Simmons Bank

Simmons Bank A bit of fun to the city’s nighttime skyline Simmons Bank is a building that illuminates the beautiful skyline of downtown Little Rock, AR. From inception, this structure was a dream for Everylite since all the features of the construction fell perfectly well for the installation of our amazing products. The first time… Continue reading Simmons Bank


Lyft A massive application that inspires and impacts the brand On this occasion, we want to talk about the first time we participated in a mobile sign. Lyft is taking as part of their marketing strategy the mobile signage angle, in which they use LED signs and billboards that travel around cities and participate in… Continue reading Lyft

Spectrum Series

Spectrum Series 3 generations that keep this country a more colorful place. It is said that good solutions are born from a real problem, usually faced by many, and they turn the problem into an opportunity. RGB has existed in the LED technology for more than a decade and has evolved from the simplest of… Continue reading Spectrum Series

Wall Washer

Our Wall Washer Product Category These have been the most amazing projects we have been involved in for our Wall Washer product category. The complexity of each one of them, the required teamwork to achieve it, and the satisfaction of knowing that we did it was absolutely priceless. There was a wide variety of options… Continue reading Wall Washer


EverNeon The possibilities are endless We are passionate about our work, our products, and our customers. These are the reasons why we always think of new solutions, and EverNeon was no different. iFlex was the first brand we brought to the market for this technology. It was not only a new product for us but… Continue reading EverNeon


EZBeam Series This product taught us how important it is to listen to our customers. Cabinet lighting is a big part of the commercial LED use, and many companies have tried to develop new products that can ease installation, improve performance, and provide a beautifully illuminated cabinet, but nobody could accomplish all of those features… Continue reading EZBeam

EVE Series

EVE Series Our first Power Supply brand This is the story of our first Power Supply brand. A line of products that were built to be strong, withstand severe weather conditions and be loyal to all of those who use them. Named after the company, EVE power supplies were offered initially in 60W and 100W.… Continue reading EVE Series