Are you looking to add color to your architectural project? Look no further! The Rainbow 2 Series is our extraordinary 12V signature RGB module capable of providing vivid and vibrant colors at the smallest possible size! It features a 160-degree beam angle and is a great choice for channel letters and cabinet lighting projects seeking an eye-catching result using more than just one color.

Product Application

Channel Letters – Playfully light up any channel letters using the Rainbow2.


Box Signs –Rainbow2 is a powerful and reliable solution for Box Signs. With this product, you will need fewer power supplies per sign, and fewer modules to fully and evenly brighten up a sign.


Halo lighting – Rainbow2 is perfect for applications seeking that desired soft glow, halo illuminated effect for channel letters.


Find out what makes the Rainbow 2 an amazing lighting solution:

Our RGB signature module

Comparable in size to our Panoramic Series

160° beam angle with integrated lens

IP68 rated for outdoor applications

50,000 hours of expected lifetime

Packaged 50 modules per bag

UL, CE, and RoHS approval

12V system



See these amazing projects using the Rainbow2 product!

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