Dazzle Series

The Dazzle Series is our wall washer product that is round-shaped. Inspired by the traditional spotlight, the Dazzle Series is best for projects or architectural places that require direct light to a specific area or to enhance a certain aspect. Each element has been carefully crafted to provide superior performance and at IP65, the Dazzle Series is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can withstand the harshest weather conditions.

Series Available

There are four different options available based on your needs

DAZZLE Datasheet

See what makes the Dazzle Series an amazing addition to your architectural projects





Easy installation only

Easy installation

Shock resistant, IP65 waterproof rated

Reliable and engineered to withstand the harshest of weather conditions.

Logarithmic dimming technology

Utilizes software that can perform when needed to.

Customizable beam angle, and wattage

Beam angle and wattage can easily be customized to your project’s specific needs

ON/OFF, RDM or DMX512 control

DMX Technology version allows each module to be individually controlled, enabling versatility and flexibility in lighting and color effects.

Datasheets & Installation Guides

Here are the data and installation guides provided to our customers so we can determine an accurate quotation.

Technical Parameters

Power Consumption


LED Color

Input Voltage

Beam Angle

LED Quantity


Our Projects

See the Dazzle Series stunningly light up these architectural buildings.


Our most iconic project yet. Architectural application is beautifully done using our Panoramic 3D brand. The outcome is lighting that wonderfully pops and compliments the surrounding landscape.
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Rosen Inn International

Amazing performance, impressive illumination, and magnificent structure. The Rosen Center Hotel looks like the crown jewel of the night skyline in Orlando, lighting up with beautiful vibrant colors and exquisite sequences of color and light. This architectural application was beautifully done using a combination of our Panoramic 3D, Mega Wall Washers, and our Linear series.
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