With Nebula + DMX, possibilities for your lighting solutions are endless.

This innovative and new technology efficiently allows for the freedom and the flexibility to bring your most creative and colorful imaginations to life. Utilizing the revolutionary and ultra-modern DMX technology, various dynamic, playful, and extraordinary color-changing effects and more can easily be done with just a click of a button.

What makes it different

Conveniently bringing your most vivid & dynamic imaginations to life


The new Nebula + DMX offers versatility and flexibility in terms of application and desired outcome. Through DMX technology, each LED module is now remotely and individually controlled, allowing you the creativity and freedom to successfully achieve numerous colorful plays of lighting effects such as chasing, flashing, rippling, and many more – the possibilities are truly infinite!

Product Videos

A Demo Kit made just for you

Contact us if you are interested in receiving this absolutely outstanding NIGHTMARE FREE kit to demo the capabilities of this product.

A great resource to have your customers see live the effects and desired colors for their next project.


Nebula DMX Datasheet