Everylite’s mission is to make America a more vibrant place, one colorful project at a time.


We are an LED company that offers more than technology to this world. At Everylite we come to work each morning convinced we can provide a better solution to our customer’s projects.

We control our future by being able to develop our products, know them inside out, and provide detailed-oriented customer service from inception to on-site consultation.

See Our Work

Universal Studios

Our most iconic project yet. Architectural application is beautifully done using our Panoramic 3D brand. The outcome is lighting that wonderfully pops and compliments the surrounding landscape.


Stunning, bright, and vibrant with a touch of sophistication and elegance. This architectural application beautifully achieved an outstanding and beautiful result using the Elite Series from our EverNeon brand.

Rosen Center

Amazing performance, impressive illumination, and magnificent structure. The Rosen Center Hotel looks like the crown jewel of the night skyline in Orlando, lighting up with beautiful vibrant colors and exquisite sequences of color and light. This architectural application was beautifully done using a combination of our Panoramic 3D, Mega Wall Washers, and our Linear series.

Vineland Mall

The soft yet powerful play of light in this color-changing architectural application creates an air of sophistication around the Vineland Mall signage. This spectacular glow was successfully achieved using our amazing Nebula product.

The World’s Largest Entertainment McDonalds

Ronald McDonald is brought to life at the World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s by our vibrant RGB EverNeon product. This architectural application creates a vibrant and playful effect, attracting passersby and guests alike. 

Drive Shack

This 10feet gorgeous and illuminating letter sign utilizes our standard EZ beam application. The end result is vibrant, bright, and bold.


Colorfully bringing your visions to life. You imagine it, we help you create it.
ColorPlus is a revolutionary RGB application program that delivers a full scope of our in-house services in one go. Our team of lighting experts provides you with a step-by-step process that conveniently brings your imaginations to life from product recommendations to designing your layouts, visualizing your desired effects, product installation, and more. We are with you throughout the entire process, ensuring your projects get done the way you envisioned them.


Here are some of our bestselling products for 12V and 24V:

12V or 24V, Why?

Choosing 24V instead of 12V reduces cost as you will only require fewer power supplies per sign. It also possesses a higher efficiency rate and reliably performs – saving you both money, time, and labor.


  • With 24V, fewer supplies are needed to brightly illuminate a sign
  • Possesses higher efficiency
  • Reliable performance


  • Cost effective option
  • Reliable performance


Here are some of our bestselling products for 12V and 24V:

12V Bestsellers

Ellipse 151

Panoramic 1D

This tiny module features a 140-degree beam angle perfect for thin strokes or corners that are difficult to reach.This tiny module features a 140-degree beam angle perfect for thin strokes or corners that are difficult to reach.
Ellipse 151

Panoramic 2D (12V)

If you want to keep only one module in stock, this product is for you. This everyday brand features a 0.72W per module making it the perfect solution to cabinet solutions and channel letters.
Ellipse 151

Panoramic 3D

A best-seller for a reason, the Panoramic 3D compliments a diverse range of applications and is a cost-effective solution for your lighting needs.

24V Bestsellers

Ellipse 148

Optic Max Mini

Small but powerful! The Optic Max Mini is an IP66 certified module that provides consistent illumination.
Ellipse 148

Panoramic 2D (24V)

This amazing product provides a cost-effective solution with a powerful lumen output.
Ellipse 148

Optic Max 4D

This high-quality brand utilizes high-performance LEDs that provide illumination so superior and intense, they can be spaced farther than the standard 12” without restricting brightness.

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