What is flash

An innovative and flexible LED solution efficiently and flawlessly designed to reduce installation time for retrofitting existing signs and new construction. It utilizes Everylite’s unique clip system that allows for easy onsite cabinet adjustments in one go.


The FLASH system is a blend of separate products designed to systematically work together to deliver an effortless and streamlined assembling process that allows YOU to save time, labor, and money, while simultaneously enabling you the freedom to flexibly customize your design and freely control your desired illumination.

What Flash can do to your cabinet?

Creative freedom for sign cabinets, simplicity of installation, and extraordinary performance – FLASH ensures an easy application process that is labor-saving and cost-efficient with its highly adjustable design. Unlike competitors, FLASH no longer requires multiple onsite trips and adjustments during installation.



Terminal w/Spring




LED Module Clip

Product Featured

Panoramic 4D

With an integrated advanced lens technology and an improved 170° angle beam design, the new Panoramic 4D delivers enhanced and outstanding lumen output with reduced power consumption. Now, you can enjoy your everyday brand at 24V!


The Panoramic 4D is more than just sturdy – with a standard protection rating of IP67, it is long-lasting and reliable. Add the extra to your ordinary with Panoramic 4D.

OpticMax 4D Exceptional Performance.

Elegance and reliability go hand in hand with the OpticMax 4D.

Built with only the highest quality materials, the OpticMax 4D utilizes high-performance LEDs that provide illumination so superior and intense, they can be spaced farther than the standard 12” (up to 36”) without restricting lumen output (saving you product and time!), making it an unparalleled cost-effective brand.


The OpticMax 4D is also further enhanced by its advanced color-matching technology.


With an outstanding protection rating of IP68, OpticMax 4D is powerful, reliable, and engineered to withstand the harshest conditions.

How it works?

Flexible lighting solution regardless of cabinet size

Sign cabinets come in many different sizes and measurements. Our FLASH System ensures a seamless and simple application no matter the size.

You can easily cut your aluminum extrusion bars to a length suitable for any sign cabinet measurement. Once cut to fit the sign cabinet’s size and the additional components (LED modules and wiring) have been applied, simply install it into the cabinet, fix the wirings in place, and switch it on!

Here is a comparison of our two LED options based on different cabinet sizes

For which application?

The only flexible and cost-effective choice

LEDs such as our Panoramic 4D and OpticMax 4D offer convenience, flexibility, and a cost-effective solution compared to your standard fluorescent tube light.


In a standard sign cabinet, you will need at least 8 or more fluorescent tube lights to brightly and evenly illuminate the entire space. With LEDs, you only need a few bars to brightly light up an entire cabinet.


Here is a comparison between our two LED options versus Fluorescent Tubes in cabinets that are the same size.

Are you retrofitting?

Product Length

  • 2'
  • 3'
  • 4'
  • 5'
  • 6' (3'+3')
  • 7' (3'+4')
  • 8' (4'+4')
  • 9' (4'+5')
  • 10' (5'+5')
  • 11' (3'+3'+5')
  • 12' (4'+4'+4')


  • -
  • -
  • 2'+2'
  • 2'+2'
  • 2'+4'
  • -
  • 3'+5'
  • -
  • -
  • 3'+4'+4'
  • 2'+5'+5'

Nominal Length

  • 21.91"
  • 33.91"
  • 45.91"
  • 57.91"
  • 69.91"
  • 81.91"
  • 93.91"
  • 105.91"
  • 117.91"
  • 129.91"
  • 141.91"

T12 Replacement Length

  • 24"
  • 36"
  • 48"
  • 58"
  • 72"
  • 84"
  • 96"
  • 108"
  • 120"
  • 132"
  • 144"

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