Our History2


Everylite opens the doors to the public. Starting with 2 employees, we were able to lease our first building and prepare to penetrate this market. In the Channel Letter Module category Crystal series and Panoramic series were launched. During that first year we got interest from Rosen Hotels, which became our first application in the city of Orlando; and through a valued customer we were able to showcase our modules in Transformers 3D “The Ride”. As part of the marketing strategy we attended USSC Atlantic City trade show, in which we got exposure nationwide. By the end of 2013 Everylite had hired more employees, was profitable, and ready to innovate in this industry.


Our second year in business, the company was focused in growth and expansion. We created a show room in which we were able to showcase our walk-in customers the products we were offering to the market. Aligned with expansion, Everylite decided to build a 20,000 sq. ft. facility overseas that would allow us to fulfill the product demands from the market. And in this country, we opened our first branch in New Jersey. When it comes to product categories, we expanded as well. This time the company decided to launch new series in the Strip Light, Neon Replacement, Power Supplies, and Controller categories, and there was no better place to do so than at the ISA Trade Show in the Orlando Convention Center. During this year we were able to get our products in multiple places, such as our Universal City Walk. Finally, this year the company hired its first active duty employee, supporting this country’s Military Population.


New year new home! We moved our headquarters to a bigger facility in which we were able to grow not only our product lines, but our team. This year Everylite launched the Commercial Lighting series, decided to establish in the industry by continuing to attend trade shows, and by doing exciting applications throughout the country. With that, we still took one step forward into opening a new branch in Georgia and expanding the sales team to new frontiers.


This year was gamechanger for us. Branding was a must for us, and we focused into changing our logo, company colors, packaging, office looks, and the way we were presenting our products to our customers at trade shows. With this, Everylite launched new products into the market, as signature lines of modules we sold nationwide. As part of our growth we remodeled our offices, launched a new generation of wall washers, implemented new processes to improve our customer service, and hired our first intern! supporting our local institutions to develop future talent. As our previous years, we attended ISA, but what we did differently was advertise in a Signage magazine to expand our exposure in the advertising field.


2017 meant innovation! We took countless hours into marketing research to develop two new Channel Letter Module brands that have been our best sellers. EZBeam and OpticMax Power were launched, at no better venue than ISA Las Vegas, were we also introduced our new brands focusing more in the product application than demonstration. This year our team traveled far from our headquarters, including Alaska, Vegas and even Canada! Product exposure was part of our focus. Along those lines, we designed a very creative way to display our products, which includes our Module Sample Book, which is a demonstrative giveaway for our valued customers to keep and try our best-selling brands. However, Hurricane Irma affected our headquarters, and we were unable to service our customers for more than week, which only gave us more drive to come back and recover anything we missed.


We call this year our TRADE SHOW year. We decided to try new venues and attended not only ISA, but also Global Shop, LightFair, and Texas Sign Association, to network and expose our products to new audiences. However, in order to do so we needed to have an innovating product line to show, and so we did. Panoramic Series launched its third generation, we relaunched our DMX controllable LED Modules Spectrum Series, and we redesigned the Neon by launching EverNeon, a series that demonstrates multiple options for indoor and outdoor use. Also, we were able to use our product in multiple nationwide applications such as Samuel Adams Deck at Fenway Park, BB&T building, Deming Parker Law firm, and many others. 2018 also meant looking introspectively into our company and redefine roles, responsibilities, and our new horizon for expansion, which included this new website to be created.